Victoria Park Community Building

by Shelly Quinton-Hulme in Stretford, England, United Kingdom

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We are building a new community cafe/building within Victoria Park and we need £22,500 to pay for the sustainable elements of the building.

by Shelly Quinton-Hulme in Stretford, England, United Kingdom

We are the Friends of Victoria Park and we have been working to improve this beautiful park since we constituted in 2002. We have made many improvements to the park, held countless community events and carried out many community led projects within Stretford. We are well know in the borough for being a very passionate and proactive group. Have a look at our website [] or our facebook page for more info on the group.

 We are building a new community cafe/building within Victoria Park in Stretford and have planning permission in place for the building pictured above. We have agreed the heads of terms for a 25 year lease for the building with Trafford Council and are waiting for this to be formalised over the next few months.

Here is t5cb53ad8a616e99e50f93e413f982598571ef071he old building we used to use for our community tearoom and event hub - unfortunately the floor is completely rotted through and the building is condemned - to be fair it has served the park well - it was probably designed to have a life of around 25 years and it has been there well over 50 years!

 We have been given £120,000 from Trafford Council to help build the new building but we estimate that it is going to cost in the region of £350,000 to complete - we therefore need to look at other ways of completing it.

 This is where you come in! 

We are looking to leverage funding from social grant makers, get local support from builders / plumbers / electricians / groundworkers / engineers etc to complete works at cost or lend a hand for free, and of course this crowdfunder. If you can help in anyway please let us know.

It is not by chance that we have launched this crowdfunder on the day of our now renowned Picnic in the Park event - our biggest event in the park, and it's 10th anniversary to boot. We are hoping that you can help us by donating and also spread this page far and wide to get as much support as possible.

This new building will ensure that there is a presence in our park from 0800-2200 each day - with clean, accessible toilets, good healthy and affordable cafe food and drinks, and a meeting space and hub for our community events.

This crowdfunder is hoping to raise £22,500 which we will use to deliver the environmental and financial sustainability elements of the build:

- water storage to collect rainfall for use in our toilets - approx £9,000

- Electric underfloor heating - to keep our energy consumption and bills down - approx £7,000

 - CCTV system - to keep us all feeling safe and hopefully reduce anti-social behaviour around the building - approx £8,000

Please donate to us via this crowdfunder and look at the rewards we are offering - we think there is something for everyone - of course our eternal gratitude goes without saying!

Those of you with eagle eyes will notice that the crowdfunding total has been reduced and the solar panels and lighting are no longer on the list of deliverables - well do not fear - we are still having them but we have received an amazing piece of news as Trafford Council are donating £22,500 to our project which will cover these items - see below for the update I have sent out today.

‘I have had a phone call from Andrew Western Leader of Trafford Council that has changed everything…….. He has been following this crowdfunding campaign and knows the work that we carry out in the park and how much we are valued by our community and believes that this building will be an amazing asset for us all.

As such he has offered to fund half of the crowdfunder total from a special projects budget to make sure we can deliver this project and everyone can benefit – so this equates to funding of £22,500. This means that I can reduce our total on here from £45,000 to £22,500 as the money will come directly to the Friends of Victoria Park bank account not through this website and so we are almost at our total – Yipeeeeeeeee!

I have spoken to and checked that we are allowed to do this and they have said we can and we can also add one more week onto the campaign [ending at midnight on Friday 31st Aug] to ensure we reach our total and allow those who get paid at the end of the month a chance to donate.

The Friends of Victoria Park want to publicly thank Andrew Western and Trafford Council for this amazing donation towards our project and we are so glad that our local council recognizes the work we volunteers do and the differences that a meeting space can make to our communities, and to for all their help with this amazing complication– THANK YOU!’


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

Your name on our website list of donators

This is our last reward push for the project. It is designed to get every last drop of money out of you lovely donors! It is set at the price of a high street takeaway coffee - but if everyone can do one last extra pledge this could see us top our total. So please - even if you have already donated please can you donate again with this reward and your name will be on our website for everyone to see that you care about the park.

£5 or more

A certificate of Thanks

Everyone who wants one and pledges £5 will be emailed a certificate of thanks from us.

£10 or more

Tea / coffee and biscuits

Come in for a free tea or coffee and some biscuits when we are up and running

£10 or more

A free FOVPS Mug

Your very own FOVPs mug - who could want more?

£15 or more

A Free cup of coffee/tea and a slice of cake

A free cup of coffee/tea made just for you and a slice of delicious cake - with our gratitude, in the new park community cafe once we are up and running. We will also email out to you a certificate of thanks.

£15 or more

A free insulated FOVPS coffee cup

We will give you a free FOVPS insulated coffee cup for you to use whenever you are out and about.

£15 or more

11 of 11 claimed

Murder at the Disco!

Come and solve the Murder at the Disco. To be held at the scout hut in the park on Sat 15th Sept. This is our second murder mystery event and the first one was brilliant! There will be a cash bar on the night with all profits to the community building fund. Fancy dress is optional but it does make it better I promise.

£15 or more

3 of 100 claimed

Murder at the Disco [New]

Murder Mystery event to be held on Friday 16th November at 7.30pm in Trafford Social Club on Moss Road, Stretford. Can you work out who the murderer is - this is a really fun event. Come in 70's fancy dress if you like. Cash bar available.

£20 or more

5 of 6 claimed

Learn to Crochet or Knit

A 2 hour private session with the amazing Helen Ardley who can show you how to or to improve your knitting or crochet skills.

£20 or more

Free FOVPS Water Bottle

We will give you a free reusable FOVPS branded water bottle when you visit the cafe for the first time on production of the voucher that will be emailed to you. The cafe will not have any single use plastic products and as such this fits our ethos for a sustainable future. You will also get a certificate of thanks emailed to you.

£20 or more

6 of 6 claimed

Pebble Painting and Prosecco

Come and paint pebbles with Sammi and drink Prosecco at the same time! Sounds like an Saturday afternoon of fun for adults to me! All materials provided

£20 or more

6 of 6 claimed

Family Cooking Class

For one adult and one child [over the age of 5] - come and make a meal together in the community room and then you can take it home for tea to feed at least 4 people! All ingredients will be provided. This will hopefully become a regular thing!

£20 or more

2 of 2 claimed


a Free 4 hour babysitting session The lovely Lisa Hallam [registered childminder] will come and babysit for your child while you go out and party

£20 or more

3 of 3 claimed

a Free 4 hour babysitting session

The lovely Christine Barry [registered childminder] will come and babysit for your child while you go out to play - but like Cinderella she needs to be home by midnight!!

£25 or more

hire of the community room for 2 hours

As it says on the tin - 2 hours hire of the community room times and dates to be agreed

£25 or more

Free Tea and cake for two

A free pot of tea or cup of coffee and a slice of cake for each of you in the new park community cafe once we are up and running . We will also email out a certificate of thanks to you.

£40 or more

79 of 300 claimed

Buy a brick for our wall

Buy an engraved brick for our supporters wall - you can have you text engraved onto the brick and then we will use it on our wall. A great way to show your support for the building for ever.

£50 or more

Free meal for one family of four

You can each have a main meal and dessert and a drink on us in the new park community cafe once we are up and running . We will also email out a certificate of thanks

£50 or more

6 of 6 claimed

Jewellery making session

The lovely Heather Jones will hold a workshop to make a copper pendant and earrings with you. Sawing, stamping and hammering, forging and soldering copper sheet into fabulous jewellery for you to keep. All materials will be provided as will refreshments to keep you happy for this four hour workshop.

£50 or more

Hire of the community room for one afternoon

Hire of the community room for one afternoon [4 hours] at a weekend - you can hold a party or a craft afternoon once the building is completed.

£50 or more

Tea for Four

Free afternoon tea for four people in the new park community cafe once we are up and running and of course a certificate of thanks emailed out to you.

£75 or more

Free meal for one family of six people

You can each have a main meal and dessert and a drink on us in the new park community cafe once we are up and running . We will also email out a certificate of thanks

£100 or more

7 of 50 claimed

A ticket to an event within the new building

Come to an exclusive celebration event in the community building to say thank you. You will also get a certificate of thanks.

£150 or more

Roll of Honour

Your name will be added to our roll of honour within the building and on our website. You will also have a certificate of thanks emailed out to you.

£250 or more

9 of 20 claimed

Come Dine with us

We will arrange for you and up to 11 of your guests to have exclusive use of the community room which we will dress as a dining room. We will then give you all a 3 course dinner with pre-agreed menu with full waiter/ess service. The obligatory certificate of thanks will also be emailed to you. [It works out at £21.00 per head - you just need to bring your own booze!]

£500 or more

CSR Day / Teambuilding day

This is one for local businesses who want to support the park. We will plan and deliver with you one CSR day within the park for a team of up to 15 people. It will be tailor-made to suit you and your staff / teams requirements and we guarantee that you will have a great day with us. Refreshments for the day are included.

£1,000 or more

3 CSR Days / events for your team

3 days in the park for your team [upto 15 people] a great idea for teambuilding or corporate meetings with a difference, or away day. We will feed and water you and provide an experienced facilitator and a project if you want one.

£1,250 or more

6 of 8 claimed

A room named after you within the building

We will name one of the rooms after you, we will give it a brass plaque [it may be a toilet - but it will have your name on it!]. We will also put you on our Roll of Honour, and Hall of Fame and email you a certificate of thanks. This is your chance to become a Stretford Hero!

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